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Wildfire Business Networking Top 50 Open Categories A-Z

1. Air/Water Filtration Systems
2. Antique Appraiser
3. Aquarium Sales & Maintenance
4. Atty – Estate Planning
5. Auto: Glass Repair & Installation
6. Auto: Rental
7. Auto: Mechanical Repair
8. Auto: Sound & Accessories
9. Bicycle Sales & Maintenance
10. Catering
11. Cemetery/Pre-need Sales
12. Child Care
13. Cleaning/Maid Services
14. Dance Instruction
15. Door & Window Sales
16. First Aid Certification
17. Floor Coverings
18. Furniture Repair/Restoration
19. Garage Door Sales & Service
20. Hair Stylist/Color
21. Heating & Air Conditioning (filled)
22. Hypnotherapy
23. Interior Design
24. Limousine/Private Car Service
25. Medical: General Physician
26. Medical: Podiatrist/Foot Care
27. Medical: Orthopedic
28. Notary Public (Mobile)
29. Payroll Services
30. Pet Service: Pet Care/Veterinarian
31. Pet Service: Grooming
32. Pet Service: Kennel
33. Pet Service: Dog Walking Services
34. Photographer – Portraits, Events, Weddings
35. Piano Lessons/Maintenance
36. Plant Nursery
37. Pool Service/Maintenance
38. Restaurant
39. Rug Sales
40. Security Gates
41. Self-Defense
42. Shoe Sales/Repair
43. Signs & Banners
44. Spas/Sauna Maintenance/Installation
45. Speaking Coach
46. Telecommunications
47. Tree Service/Trimming
48. Tutoring & SAT Prep
49. Tuxedo/Attire Rental
50. Vacuum Maintenance/Sales
51. Voice/Speech Coach
52. Welder
53. Window Cleaning Service
54. Window Screen Service
55. Wireless Communications
56. Wood Working Service/Restoration
A ‘Wildfire Visitor' is an Attendee not eligible for membership, but welcome to enjoy the festivities. We politely ask to respect our members' exclusivity by observe the following restrictions:

  • Do not place your business cards on the circulating card caddies
  • Only write 'Visitor' in place of ‘profession' on your name badge
  • And limit your infomercial to a greeting at the conclusion of the meeting

*Your Attendee status is determined when you RSVP


Becoming an Official Wildfire Member

Once you attend a Wildfire Meeting, you'll know the hype is real. Our membership, organizational structure, and venue are second to none. If you haven't attended a Wildfire meeting, don't overthink it, just RSVP and attend. We'll confirm your Attendee status when you contact us. Membership is not guaranteed, but we encourage everyone to experience a Wildfire event.

Assuming you're professional category is open – you're required to attend three consecutive meetings. On your third visit, you'll give a two-minute speech, followed by a vote on your application. The group requires that all relevant insurance and licensing be submitted prior to your speech. Membership is not guaranteed, but all eligible applicants are given full consideration.