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Question and Answer in Los Angeles, CA

Why Only One Member per Business Category

One important quality of Wildfire Business Networking is our commitment to our members. Allowing only one member per professional category is essential to maximizing business referrals; loyalty, camaraderie and personal relationships are a proven result of decades of team building. As an organization, we're committed to this process, and proud to be the model for ALL similarly structured business referral groups.

How do we get to know our members?

  • Weekly business breakfasts meetings
  • Member testimonials
  • Speaking presentations
  • Exhibitions
  • Power Lunches
  • Special events
New members are encouraged to learn about our in-house Better Business Bureau, Conflicts Committee, Ethics Committee and other committees committed to professional excellence and quality control.

What's Our Dress-code?

Business/Casual Business attire - some of our best dressed members are in professions that don't require a suit. Just remember; no jeans, t-shirts, athletic shoes etc. Come dressed with one goal - a great first impression