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Ready to attend a Friday morning meeting?

RSVP with your profession to determine Guest or Visitor status. Guests are entrepreneurs in professions not already represented in Wildfire Business Networking, and may openly promote. Visitors are encouraged to attend, but politely asked to observe our ‘Visitor Restrictions.’ (see below)
Once your Guest or Visitor status is confirmed, you’ll know If you may openly promote your service. Show up promptly at 6:15 am to build your network, enjoy the festivities and breakfast buffet. Remember to join our online community.
Step Three
Please visit our Meetup.com and Facebook pages for more details on future events, videos and pictures.
Visitor Restrictions
• Write 'Visitor' in place of profession on name badge
• No placing business cards on circulating card caddies
• Limit your end-of-meeting infomercial to a greeting
• $25 event fee waived - FREE for ALL first-time attendees (RSVP with your profession)
• Nearly 100 in attendance
• Improve your public speak, business messaging, and build your business network!
• Upscale venue, parking, entry & breakfast buffet included
• The Westside’s longest running business referral group (over 23 years)
• Fun & entertaining mixer
Things to remember
• We meet on the 3rd floor of the Olympic Collection (the large room
• Bring at least 100 business cards
• Focus your messaging – What type of referrals, or introductions are ideal for you?
• Show up on time, or a bit early. Arriving before 6:15 am allows you to beat the rush
Please RSVP with your profession wildfireWLA@gmail.com or text only please 310-742-3618.